Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is about correcting an aspect of the body that someone is either not happy with or for medical reasons. These surgeries are very popular, but they have risks. Therefore, it is important to understand all the steps involved in a cosmetic surgery procedure before going under the knife.

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Before having plastic surgery, get full information about the possible complications from the operation. Your cosmetic surgeon will more than likely discuss these potential complications with you before the operation. It is important for you to be aware of them. Some of the complications may include for example swelling, infection, increased blood pressure, and even death although only in rare cases.


All good cosmetic surgeons will have a book with pictures of their previous jobs. Be sure to take a look at the before and after pictures so you can see the quality of your doctor’s work. This also gives you additional input for making decisions about your own changes.


If you get surgery to enlarge your breasts, unfortunately you run the risk of being unable to catch breast cancer early. The reason that many women survived breast cancer is that they were able to self-examine themselves regularly. When breasts are surgically changed, this type of self-test is no longer fully reliable. As you heal, scar tissue can form, which also makes it hard to determine if there is a lump.


You need to know that breast implants can disturb your natural development when you are still under 20 years of age. Wait a few years until you are older and fully-grown before seriously thinking about new breasts; if you get implants when still too young, they even may not work, and you will regret your decision.


There is no guarantee that you will have perfect breasts after the surgery. Breast augmentation has its imperfections. Your doctor can easily increase your breasts, but the sizing may not be symmetrical. There are patients who can feel and see the breast implant through their skin after the surgery.


When planning to have a boobs job, be careful when selecting your new cup size. Not many cosmetic surgeons can change breasts to a particular cup size; but they are able without difficulty to change breasts to look natural, or seem more dramatic. Speak to your cosmetic surgeon about the look you want, and not about a particular cup size, and you will be happier with the outcome.big breasts


If you are contemplating a breast augmentation, be cautious about getting breasts that are too large for your body. A small woman will look unnatural with huge breasts, and additionally she may suffer from back pain as well. It is better to select new breasts that look more natural and feel comfortable. This will also help with your satisfaction about the boobs in the long term.


Plan how to take care of your body after the surgery. If you plan to have a serious cosmetic surgery, like breast implants, rhinoplasty or even a tummy tuck, it is very much recommended to plan the time after the surgery. Cosmetic surgery is major surgery and needs proper recovery time. Take time off from work, avoid excessive physical exercise and give yourself sufficient time to recover from the operation.